The ignorance of Habeeb, the Mudeer of Markaz Agege by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


Perfections be to Allaah alone; prayers and peace be upon the noblest of mankind.

Over the years, Mr Habeeb, the “Olori Olodo of Nigeria”, had strategically attacked the Sunnah and its people, especially during the times of Romodoon when the slaves of Allaah are busy increasing their good deeds. Praise be to Allaah that he had been refuted appropriately. However, it is painful that some ignoramuses and some people with no sincerity whatsoever are busy supporting him and raining curses on the slaves of Allaah who have been exposing his ignorance and weak positions.

Know, may Allaah rectify our affairs and yours, that despite the bravado and bombast of your teacher (Habeeb, OON), he made the following errors.

1⃣ He claimed that there is nothing like Sunnah.

2⃣ He said the Prophet contradicted the Qur’aan by having sex with his wives during their menstruations according to Imaam Al-Bukhoree.

3⃣ He said that the Prophet behaved like a horse according to Imaam Al-Bukhoree.

4⃣ He claimed that the Prophet raped according to Al-Bukhooree.

5⃣ He claimed that Aboo Hurayrah said all dogs should be killed.

6⃣ He claimed that Imaam Bukhooree contradicted himself regarding the ablution of the Prophet.

7⃣ He claimed that AbduLlaah Ibn ‘Umar reported a violent hadeeth (the eighth hadeeth of Al-arbaoun of Al-Imaam Nawawee).

8⃣ He claimed that Imaam Bukhooree said Solaatu Ssubh is 4 Rak’aat.

9⃣ He said, ‘Soheeh Bukhooree is the filthiest book after the Qur’aan’.

🔟 He said anyone who says Soheeh Bukhoree is a good book is a stupid ignoramus.

1⃣1⃣ He claimed that Imaam Bukhoree is not eloquent in Arabiyyah.

1⃣2⃣ He said the Madhaab of ‘wahaabiyyah’ is the origin of the all the fitnah in the world.

1⃣3⃣ He said, Who is Shaykh Ibn Baaz’? What work did he do (for Islaam)’? “Which book did Ibn Baaz write in his life? Is it those few pages book that makes him to become a scholar?’’, “Who is ‘Uthaymeen?’’, “who is Ibn Baaz?’’, “who is Albaanee?’’

1⃣4⃣ He said it is stupidity to greet by just saying Assalaamu ‘alaykum, you must bow.

1⃣5⃣ He said the Prophet used to open his eyes whenever he sleeps.

1⃣6⃣ He also said whenever the Prophet walks, his hands would be stuck by his sides without moving.

1⃣7⃣ He also claimed that the Prophet would turn his head at angle 360 degree whenever he wants to look back. That is, while moving towards the north his head could be facing the south, just like that of a robot…SubhaanaLlaah!

1⃣8⃣ He and one of his dull students said, “This hadeeth is reported by Haafidh Ibn Hijr’’ (while the correct name of the scholar is Ibn Hajar).

1⃣9⃣ He also claimed that Prophet ‘Eesa is dead and will never return.

If we start writing on each of his errors, there is no doubt that we will write volumes of books on them. Grumble if you want to, your Mudeer is undoubtedly a dunce living in disgrace.

We ask Allaah to grant us a better understanding of this religion and to keep us steadfast upon the undiluted Islaam.

I beseech Allaah to show us the truth as being the truth and grant us its following, and to show us misguidance as misguidance, and to make it easy for us to abstain from it.

May prayers and peace be upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam), his respected households and companions, and on the generality of the Muslims till the end of time.

Written by Aboo Aishah Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey