Ruling on eating Ducks by Dr Sharof Gbadebo Roojee

Questioner: What is the ruling on eating ducks?

Dr Sharof: Firstly, what is the relationship between ducks and what we are discussing?

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Dr Sharof: We are explaining the Prophet’s methodology regarding ‘Eid-al-Fitr, but you are asking about eating ducks. If your question is, ‘Can we slaughter ducks as our sacrificial animal (on the day of ‘Eid) instead of ram?’, then it would have been (more) meaningful.

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Dr Sharof: One of our predecessors said he does not mind slaughtering a fowl for ‘Eid, but this is not enough as evidence. No one should say ‘but one of the Salaf said so and so’. He only said it as an indication that…(this statement was not completed by Shaykh because he saw a person praying without facing the Qiblah, so he said: ‘ask that person praying to face the Qiblah; he is not facing the Qiblah’). (So he continued), he only said it as an indication that there is no harm if the sacrificial animal is not as big as a ram. He is only saying that he does not mind slaughtering an animal that is smaller than a ram. That is what he meant by that statement.

As for Al-Battoh (Duck), there is no harm in eating it. It is permissible to eat it in the Sharee’ah, and we do not know of anything from the Sharee’ah indicating that we can only eat its meat with the exception of the head. It depends on you; if you can eat its head, then eat it and lick its stew enjoyably. However, if you are not convenient with eating it, that is your decision. As for saying that we should not eat ducks, there is no law which says it should not be eaten.

[SOURCE: Q&A session of the tape, “The Explanation of the Prophet’s methodology regarding ‘Eid-al-Fitr”]

Transcribed by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey