Refrain from taking knowledge from the people of innovation by Dr Sharof Gbadebo Roojee


Questioner: Is it permissible to attend the lessons of the people of Jama’aat especially if there are traces of Sunnah with them?

Dr Sharof: Firstly, the traces of Sunnah with them is not the most important thing, rather it is the Sunnah itself. This is because the traces of something does not (necessarily) portray it. I hope it is understood. The traces of something does not (necessarily) portray it. Attend the lessons of the adherents of Sunnah. This is because a person who is not an adherent of Sunnah can brainwash you and it is not easy to eradicate everything that sticks to your brain. There are some evil ideas one have heard right from childhood and have not been formated from one’s ideology. How much more when these ideologies are passed to you at an adult stage? That’s it. It’s not about having some traces of Sunnah; be an adherent of Sunnah.

Praise be to Allaah, you do not have the excuse of saying there are no adherents of Sunnah in your community and that you’re forced (to take lessons from them); you’re not forced. There are adherents of Sunnah; learn from them. That’s it…

🌹🌲[SOURCE: Q&A Session of the tape, “Explanation of Ma’aarijul Qabul at Ibadan”; DATE: 15-07-2018]🌲🌹

Transcribed by 🏮Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey🏮