Questioner: There is a woman who wears the face veil, but her husband does not feed her neither does he pay the school fees of their children? Can she remove her face veil so as to be able to look for a job with which to feed her children?

Dr Sharof: The questioner said there is a wife who wears the face veil but her husband does not take charge of his responsibilities. So she is looking for the one who will issue a verdict for her to remove the face veil.

The Congregation: Laughing mode activated!

Dr Sharof: Laughing mode activated! You know the one who wants to engage in an unlawful act is aware of the consequence, but such person is only looking for a person to delude so that she can say (on the Day of Judgement): “O Allaah! I know that it is obligatory to make use of the face veil and I did it but this man misled me after I asked him a question…”

The Congregation: Laughing mode activated!

Dr Sharof: I cannot give such verdict with my mouth. I have no power to bear it. If you know you have covered your face for the sake of Allaah, you will never open it because your husband is not taking charge of his responsibilities. It is not an excuse. Allaah will suffice you and make a way for you (if you stand by Him)! However, as for uncovering your face for that (reason), theree are many uncovered people who are hungry. Don’t you know them? There are even many women working as teachers and yet they are not contented.

[SOURCE: The Q and A session of the tape, “The permissible and forbidden place to slaughter our sacrifices”]

Transcribed by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey