Questioner: …If one enters the Masjid and one discovers that all the people on a row are standing towards the right instead of starting the row from the middle behind the Imaam, and one stays at the middle as one joins the prayer, what is the ruling on (the prayer of) such person?

Dr Sharof: One enters the Masjid and discovers that the people standing on the row one joins are ignoramuses, so they all align themselves towards the right, and there is no one at the centre where the row is supposed to be started; and since one knows that the row is to be started from the middle so one stays at the middle and one finishes one’s prayer at that position, what is the ruling on such prayer? Your prayer is valid. This is because; firstly, you are not the only one standing alone on the row, there are other people on the row but the only problem is that there is a space in between you and them, and the reason for the space is their ignorance. We hope Allaah forgives them for their ignorance. That is it; your prayer is valid. When your prayer will be regarded as invalid is when you are standing alone on the row. That is what is regarded as “Al-Munfaridu khal fa Ssoff” (the one praying individually on a row).

[SOURCE: The Q&A session of the tape, ‘Explanation of Zaadul Ma’aad at Olohunsogo masjid, Stadium, Ogbomoso]

Transcribed by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey