Question: The Imaam who led the congregational prayer said “Wa laLlaaaleen” at the end of his recitation of Sooratul Faatihah. Is it appropriate to say Aameen after such recitation?

Dr Sharof: Perhaps the person who asked this question was dozing while the Imaam was reciting Sooratul Faatihah and he became awake when the Imaam finished the recitation. Do you know why (I am of this opinion)? This is because the Imaam who said “Wa laLlaaaleen” would have earlier said “Ghoyril-mongloobi”.

The Congregation: Laughing mode activated!

Dr Sharof: He (the questioner) was unaware of this, but he heard “Wala Llaaaleen”. He (the Imaam) would’ve omitted and mispronounced a lot of things.

‘Ala kulli haal (in all circumstances), this adversity is not only at a particular place; it is widespread. A great number of Imaams cannot recite Sooratul Faatihah (correctly) and the adversity is that they are the ones appointed as Imaams. What can you do? If your recitation of Sooratul Faatihah is better than his own, then you should repeat your prayer. The question is easy to ask, but are you also cognizant of the appropriate recitation? If he is better than you in recitation, then your prayer is valid; but if you’re better than him in recitation, you should repeat your prayer. That’s it.

The point of reference is not about whether it is appropriate to say Aameen or not, the point is that the prayer is not valid. That is it.

[SOURCE: Question and Answer session of the tape, ‘The night prayers and the blessings therein’; VENUE: Marina car park, Lagos Island; DATE: 19th Dhul Hijjah 1438 (10/09/2017)]

Transcribed by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey