All perfect praise is for Allaah alone. We beseech His peace and blessings upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

In continuation, the transcribed question and answer session in the sixth rejoinder is one of the reasons Sulaimon Abdulateef lied against our dear Shaykh (Dr) Sharof Gbadebo Rooji (hafidhohuLlaah). Praise be to Allaah; his vituperations was a means to educating the Muslims.

Now I shall proceed to expose his ignorance and lies as usual, and as such we shall see why he is the useless, ignorant, and brainless being.

He wrote: “The useless dokita in that same audio went ahead to say those calling “Allah”  in place of “olohun ” and said saying “olohun ” is not correct are takfiree.”

This statement of Sulaimon Abdulateef remains a blatant lie. Why? The Shaykh mentioned that it is one of the traits of the Takfeerees (in the southwest Nigeria and its Ilorin metropolis) to controvert the usage of the word. He did not make a general statement claiming that anyone who holds that the usage of the word ‘Olohun’ is not appropriate is a Takfeeree. I will quote this Shaykh verbatim here. Dr Sharof said in the transcribed tape: “However, if your own understanding of the word ‘Olohun’ is different from this, then you should refrain from using the word.” So I say, Shame on you, O liar! Shame on you!

Dr Sharof said in the transcribed tape: “So if there is anyone who is used to saying ‘Allaah says this’ ‘Allaah says that’, that’s not our concern, but he should not controvert the person who says ‘Olohun’ because the person is also speaking with the meaning of the word ‘Allaah’.” I say again, Shame on you, O liar! Shame on you Abdulateef! Why are you lying against the people of knowledge and virtue? Is it because your camp is falling? May Allaah continue to break your backs!

This intellectually impotent boy wrote: “I don’t even know this man can be so useless to this extent, olohun means one who takes revenge on person, zuu intiqoom,  this is among the sifaat of Allah not name, why can’t we stick to his beautiful names?  Why will u be calling Allah with a sifah of being a revenger?  Why saying Allah is difficult for you people?  How come one being a takfiree on condemning saying “olohun”?”

In response to this, I say, firstly, the fact that you’re the useless being is clear in all the rejoinders. You’ve been lying all through because you want to injure the reputation of a scholar. We beseech Allaah to continue exposing you whenever you lie against the people of knowledge.

Secondly, who taught you that ‘Olohun’ as used by the Yoruba Muslims means the one who takes revenge? Revenge ko, retaliation ni! Shioor e laye! Olodo, mr Iro lasan. Imagine how intellectually impotent you’re. This is a strong indication that you’re brainless. You’d better take a hike from facebook and go enrol at a Madrasah where the viruses in your brainbox will be formatted. Imagine the boy declaring Dr Sharof as useless! This is indeed ‘tatment’ and ‘grammar’ (in his boss tone). Oti da fun e bayen! Smiles

Thirdly, no one is saying the usage of the word “Allaah” is difficult. There is no need making a fool of yourself. We believe in the word Allaah and we hold that the word ‘Olohun’ is permissible as explained in the sixth rejoinder.

Even more important, it is from the traits of the people of  Sunnah to leave whatever is known with the heretics especially in situations where there are numerous options. Therefore, we can decide to call our “Rabb” with His other Most Beautiful names to distinct ourselves from you and your clans. There are some people of bid’ah known with a special type of cap in this community.We refrain from using such caps so as not to be mistaken for them.

Besides,  your ‘Oga at the top’ used to say ‘Alaa sope’, ‘Sunnah ni omo yen’. Is this what you want us to follow? Iro lasan!

You made a spectacle of yourself because you do not know your level. Know your level, that’s the first lesson you should learn from these rejoinders. Stop telling lies; another lesson you should learn from the rejoinder. I ask Allaah to rectify my affairs and yours. Koje botiseje n beun jare!

May Allaah grant us sincerity of intention in all our actions. May Allaah show us mercy in this world, in our graves, and on the Day of recompense.

May prayers and peace be upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam), his respected households and companions, and on the generality of the Muslims who follow them upon goodness till the end of time.

SubhaanokaLlaahumma wabihamdik ashhadu an laa ilaaha illa anta, astagfiruka wa atoobu ilayk!

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey