All perfect praise is for Allaah alone. We beseech His peace and blessings upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

In continuation, after having uncovered some of the lies of Sulaimon Abdulateef, we shall proceed to quote him again before exposing him.

This boy wrote: “The funny part is that he himself said and brought hadeeth on it, but he against it with the opinions of hanafeeyyah, maalikiyyah, shafi’eyyah….. subuhanallah, he said the prophet did it truly but he doesn’t do it again. By Allah, Saudi should seized their certificate and deprive them useless dakaatir of the honours they gave, they are totally useless.”

In response I say, firstly, the Shaykh did not only mention the narrations put forward by the scholars who opined that Jumu’ah could be prayed before the sun passes its meridian, but also he gave interesting and clear explanations to support the view of the majority that it is wrong. This is very clear in the earlier write-ups. Therefore, Sulaimon Abdulateef deliberately lied that Shaykh discredited those narrations with mere statements of some schools of thought. We are not surprised about this. This is the same way his boss (Muhammad bn ‘Aliyy Jabata al-Khoorijee) in misguidance lied against this Shaykh with the statement, “His statements do not have evidence; that’s his problem. And then, he is a Madhaabiyyah. He likes saying the Shaafi’iyyah (says), the Hanaabila (says), the ‘so and so’, that is what he concentrates on. He is not concerned about the evidence from the Prophet. [His tape titled, ‘Roddu on Dr AbdurRazzaaq Abdulmajeed Alaro 9, Dr Sharaf Gbadebo Raji; Time: 61 minutes 35 seconds to 61 minutes 50 seconds] Like teacher, like student! ‘Awon opuro lasan’!

Secondly, as for his statement that this scholar mentioned that the Prophet did this act but did not continue, yes, it is very correct. Before bringing the statements of this Shaykh, I wish to let this intellectually impotent boy know that something of such is well established in the Sharee’ah. A ruling of the Sharee’ah may be annulled by another ruling and it comes in different ways, one of which is that two contradictory narrations that can’t be reconciled in anyway will be juxtaposed in which case the earlier narration is abrogated and the later takes precedence. Please start learning; your type should not be talking about this religion, likewise me; the reason we learn from the people of knowledge and stay where they stayed with clear evidence. That is why I have been refuting the lies of your Khowaarij group with the clear explanations of the people of knowledge. Your vituperations will only make people learn more, and as such the Sunnah will be propagated; AlhamduliLlaah!

Now, we move on to the educative question and answer session of our dear Shaykh (may Allaah preserve him upon goodness).

Questioner: Can we pray Solaatul Jumu’ah in the morning, by 9am or 10am?

Dr Sharof: Yes you can, but it is not appropriate. This is because your question is not considered a (befitting) question in the Sharee’ah. You can pray it. If someone asks if it is possible to celebrate Masquerade (festivals), of course it is possible, but it is not appropriate. What is in line with the Sharee’ah is to ask (the question), ‘is it permissible or not’? Is it permissible to pray Solaatul Jumu’ah in the morning? It is not permissible. Why? This is because the Prophet-sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam-once prayed it and did not continue it. We do not know where these youths got their arrogance from.

(As for) the Takfeeriyyah boys, you know their principle is to deviate so as to be influential. When everybody moves to the right they move to the left. Why? This is because they want to be known. That is their trait. If Allaah had ordained that Solaatul Jumu’ah be prayed in the morning they won’t observe it because they are frivolous regarding the religion. That is the (same) way they claimed that you shouldn’t observe ‘Itikaaf except in Makkah. How many of them have gone to Makkah for ‘Itikaaf or travelled for Hajj? Iro lasan! Koje botise je n beun jare!

They claim that there is a narration (to support praying Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian); and so? What about the latter and numerous narrations (proving that it is wrong)? So every other person does not understand Islaam before they came (to the country)? Eyin gege bi taani? Where did you learn from, and who are your teachers? Knowledge must be…(unclear words)…, you can’t just say whatever you like. Who are your scholars? Who are your Mashaayikh? Many people relegate authentic statements because they lack the correct understanding of Islaam. All the Ummah of the Prophet are blind except you few people who came later (with no knowledge). Shioor yin laye! Oje botiseje n beun jare!

For this reason there are many ahadeeth stating that the Prophet-sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam- does not pray Solaatul Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian. However, he prays on time. It is not like ours, a situation whereby you prolong the Khutbah for about two hours after the call to prayer. The Imaam’s shortening his Khutbah and lengthening his prayer is indicative of his understanding of Islaam. I hope you understand. The four schools of thought declared that Solaatul Jumu’ah must not be prayed before the sun passes its meridian. They declared that it is to be prayed at the time of Solaatul Zhuhr.

Three schools of thought from the four, (that is), the Hanafiyyah, the Maalikiyyah, and the Shaafi’iyyah, declared that we must not pray Solaatul Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian. (As for the) Hanaabila, those who follow Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, they have two statements. The first statement is that we cannot pray it before the sun passes its meridian like the others; the second statement is that we can pray it before the sun passes the meridian. Where did Hanaabila pass to get to Nigeria (that is, are the people in Nigeria upon this school of thought)? No! (As for) the countries of Hanaabila, like Saudi Arabia (and) Kuwait, they never pray Solaatul Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian. We lived there for more than fifteen years. They never prayed Solaatul Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian. We can never understand Islaam more than the scholars. They have never prayed Solaatul Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian because they are sagacious and not brainless.

Why? This is because, Ibn Qudaamah (one of the great scholars excommunicated by the leader of Sulaimon Abdulateef), the highest spokesperson for the Hanaabila, said in his book al-Mughni that we should stop the debate on whether or not Jumu’ah could be prayed before the sun passes its meridian; (he declared that) we must not pray Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian. Al-‘Izz Ibn ‘Abdissalaam, Sultoon al-‘Ulamaa, said, ‘I was not contented with the responses I give to the questions I was asked regarding the religion until I bought al-Mughni and…(unclear word)…of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.’

He (Ibn Qudaamah) is the highest spokesperson for the Hanaabila; consider his words, he said we should stop the debate on whether or not we should pray Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian…So where did you get this (unnecessary) harshness from? Oje botiseje n beun jare! You should seek knowledge from the people who understand it, not from people who say rubbish. You should not just sit in your room to draft lies and bring them to the people; (anyway), many people are interested in nonsensical statements. What (do we need it) for? Observing your Solaatul Jumu’ah in the morning is (like) a wasted effort. Oje botiseje n beun jare.

[End quote from Dr Sharof Gbadebo Rooji]

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We continue from here In shaa Allaah! Koje botiseje n beun jare!

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey