All perfect praise is for Allaah (alone). We beseech His peace and blessings upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

Our dear Shaykh, Duktuur Sharof Gbadebo Rooji (hafidhohuLlaah) continued with his explanations after quoting the hadeeth put forward by Imaam Ahmad. That is: “Indeed this is a day of ‘Eid that Allaah ordained for the Muslims…” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah)

Dr Sharof explained:

Imaam Ahmad opined that since the Prophet declared it (the day of Jumu’ah) as a day of ‘Eid, then there is no harm in praying Solaatul Jumu’ah at the time we used to pray Solaatul ‘Eid. When do we (normally) observe Solaatul ‘Eid? It is the time of Ad-Duha, before the sun passes its meridian.

(In response we say), there is no evidence here. The reason there is no evidence in this narration is that the day of Jumu’ah does not have all the rulings of the day of ‘Eid even when it is a day of ‘Eid. This is because it is not permissible to fast on the Day of ‘Eid, whether ‘Eid-al-Fitr or ‘Eid-al-Adha. However, it is not haraam to fast on the day of Jumu’ah, especially if one fasts a day before Jumu’ah or (if one fasts on the day of) Jumu’ah and a day after it. For this reason the time of Solaatul Jumu’ah is different from the time of Solaatul ‘Eid.

Another evidence Imaam Ahmad has is the narration reported by ‘AbduLlaah Ibn Salimah. He said Ibn Mas’ood (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) led us in Solaatul Jumu’ah at the time of Duha. He (Ibn Mas’ood) was asked why he did so. He said he feared that sun could heat them up. (Musannaf Ibn Abee Shaybah) It was during the dry season. Also, Sa’eed Ibn Suwayd said Mu’awiyah Ibn Abee Sufyan prayed Solaatul Jumu’ah at the time of Duha. (Musannaf Ibn Abee Shaybah) They brought these narrations as evidences to prove that we can pray Solaatul Jumu’ah at the time of Duha.

(In response we say), there is no evidence in these two narrations. This is because Ibn Hibban, rohimohuLlaah, said Sa’eed Ibn Suwayd, the one who reported the narration of Mu’awiyyah, is one of the weak narrators. (As for) the one who reported the first narration, ‘AbduLlaah Ibn Salimah, it was said that his narrations could be accepted, but when he grew old he lost his memory so his narrations were neglected. For this reason there is no evidence for Imaam Ahmad indicating that we can observe Solaatul Jumu’ah at the time of Duha. There is no authentic evidence for praying Solaatul Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian.

Obviously, these golden explanations form our dear Shaykh makes us know that Sulaimon Abdulateef is a great liar, just like his boss, Muhammad bn ‘Aliyy Jabata (al-Khoorijee). Perhaps Sulaimon Abdulateef is still learning how to tell lies like his boss. As such, the statement of this boy, “One of the sunnah of the prophet he against outrightly with the sayings of ulaamah and mazaahib is qobla zawwal, praying jumu’ah before noon” remains a blatant lie.

This boy wrote: “He against it totally by saying it’s not permissible to pray it and those who do so are takfiree and their prayer is invalid. I listened to the audio myself, though I had know of his saying before, but I only bring it out here because of the dodgy liar mumayyi’e boy, abu aaishah alodeomeey, and his likes who are his publicity officers on Facebook”. These statements are lies upon lies.

(In response I say), firstly, the fact that it is not permissible to pray Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian had been earlier explained with illuminating evidences and points. Therefore, he said so following the most correct view.

Secondly, as for the claim that those who pray Jumu’ah before the sun passes its meridian are Takfeereey. This is a great lie from you. This is because with this claim, it can be inferred that you accused him of declaring Imaam Ahmad, and all those who hold this view as Takfeereey. Small boy, shame on you! It’s a lie. We have no doubt that you would have quoted him out of context; a trait known with the people of desire. The statement must have been an equivocal statement specifically directed to your clans. What we know in the Southwest Nigeria of today is that the Jabtawiyyoon (the Takfeereey group, spearheaded by Muhammad bn ‘Aliyy Jabata al-Khoorijee, the CEO of the habitual lairs) are those who pray Jumu’ah in the morning. Therefore, open your ears and listen clearly next time. Iro lasan!

Thirdly, as for the claim that their prayer is invalid, go back to the explanations, you will know that he has predecessors upon that. So why are you giving yourself an unnecessary headache about that? Why don’t you focus on your ‘Oga’ at the top who indirectly excommunicated you, your boss (Sa’eed), and every other person who believes that the boy killed by al-Khadr is an unbeliever? You know me. I quote him verbatim before treating his shenanigans. This is the statement of your Khowaarij group founder: “We don’t handle the issues of ‘aqeedah with jocularity. I hope you understand. I don’t handle the issues of ‘aqeedah with jocularity, and there is no friend to me regarding the issues of ‘aqeedah. It’s not me! Al-wala wal baro (Loyalty and Disownment for the sake of Allaah)! That’s what I know about. For this reason anyone who holds that stand, by Allaah, (if) he holds that he (the boy killed by Khadr) is young and was killed as a disbeliever, after explaining to you (and you still hold on to your view), you’re an innovator (an unbeliever)! That’s your problem. [His tape titled, “Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Aliyy Jabata meets Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree and Shaykh AbdulHameed al-Hajooree after Itikaf of Ramadan 1438/2017; Time: 68 minutes 17 seconds to 68 minutes 47 seconds] What benefit does your camp have for the Muslims other than to denigrate and excommunicate them? Why did your ignoramus leader excommunicate these scholars “An-Nu’maan bn Thaabit al-Taymee, Aboo Haneefah”, “Aboo Muhammad, ‘Aliyy Ibn Ahmad Ibn Sa’eed Ibn Hazm”, “Aboo Bakr, Ahmad Ibn al-Husayn bn ‘Aliyy bn Moosa al-Khuroosaaniy al-Bayhaqee”, Aboo Fadl Ahmad bn Noor ad-deen ‘Aliyy bn Muhammad bn Hajar Al-‘Asqalaanee”, “Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdeesee Muwaffaqaddeen Aboo Muhammad AbdiLlaah bn Ahmad bn Muhammad”, “Muhammad Ibn ‘Aliyy Ibn Muhammad bn ‘AbdiLlaah ash-Shawkaani”, “AbdiLlaah Ibn Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Jibreen”, “Shaykh Aboo Bakr Jaabir Al-Jazaairee”, “Shaykh Bakr bn ‘AbdiLlaah Aboo Zayd” amongst others? Is that not his area of concentration? Rubbish, Nonsense, Foolish! Awon omo fitina lasan lasan! Koje botiseje n beun jare!

In shaa Allaah, we continue from here.

May prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, his respected households and companions, and on the generality of the Muslims till the end of time.

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey