All perfect praise is for Allaah (alone). We beseech His peace and blessings upon the noblest of mankind.

To begin with, Imaam Adh-Dhahabee (rohimohuLlaah) said: “May Allaah have mercy upon the one who speaks little, recites the Qur’aan (often), weeps over his lost time, constantly gazes into Bukhaareey and Muslim, and worships Allaah before he is surprised by death.” [At-Tadhkiroh, 2/80] Undoubtedly, Sulaimon Abdulateef, known for insulting, besmirching, and lying against the people of knowledge and virtue is an unserious element. If he uses the time with which he composes hot lies and erroneous posts for learning, his situation might have improved for better. We ask Allaah to make us use our time meritoriously to earn His mercies.

Although this is not my first time of exposing his false ideologies and lies (read my post titled YOUNG AGE AND FOOLISH INTELLECT ARE FROM THE TRAITS OF THE KHOWAARIJ), however, I only wish to treat his shenanigan this time so as to stop him from misleading some unsuspecting folks with his lies. As usual, I will quote him where and when necessary. That is one of our divergences; we quote them verbatim before refuting them, but they lie instead when trying to establish their falsehood. As such, I challenge him to henceforth, quote anyone he wants to refute verbatim (and with references) before saying anything. By so doing, we will know the liar. Take the challenge if you’re indeed truthful! Shioooooor, Opuro lasan!Iro lasan! Adupe fun Olohun pe ko si iru re ni Odeomu wa!

In his post titled, “USELESS DOCTUR……” he levied five allegations against our dear Shaykh (Dr) Sharof Gbadebo Rooji (may Allaah lengthen his life upon goodness and upon propagating the Da’awah). In summary the allegations are, one: “he is not upon the authentic methodology”; two: “he calls to the Shirk of taking scholars opinion without Hujjah and calling to hizbees”; three: “he is against praying Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian”; four: “he declared those who pray Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian as Takfeereey”; five: “he declared those who reject the translation of Allaah as ‘Olohun’ in the Yoruba language as Takfeereey”. After having mentioned this I will go on to quote him verbatim and give appropriate responses. May Allaah grant us safety and well-being!

As for the first allegation, the intellectually impotent boy wrote, ‘Among the useless dakaatir here in naija is dokita sharof of Ogbomosho, he is dodgy mumayy’e who hides under the umbrella of salafiyyah, he not lacks the correct manhaj…” IN RESPONSE I SAY: These are empty words. Who are you to make declarations without proofs? Before we can take this statement from you, you must be able to explain in details, the methodology and creed of the Mumayyi’oon and how the Doctor is a dodgy Mumayyi’ who hides under the umbrella of Salafiyyah. Then you will move on to tell us where and when you or any of your unknown teachers established evidences against him. Shame on you! You’re a liar. May Allaah give you what you deserve! Take the test, and we shall know your level.

This boy who doesn’t know his level also said: “…but he also calls to shirk of taking scholars as opinion without hujjah and calling to hizbees”. IN RESPONSE I SAY: Take the acid test of telling us where and when he declared that the statements of the scholars be taken as evidence while neglecting clear-cut evidences from the Qur’aan and Sunnah. In addition, don’t forget to mention how he calls to Hizbiyyah. I say again, Shame on you O liar, the student of the CEO of habitual liars. Your words are empty. We know one of your traits is to disparage anyone who holds that the consensus of the Ahlul ‘ilm (the people of knowledge) is a proof. If all the people of knowledge are wrong, so who is right? The one who cannot recite the Qur’aan with Tajweed? The one who cannot say the Khutbatul Haajah (sermon of necessity) appropriately? Who?  No wonder, from the traits of the Khowaarij is: “from amongst them is he who believes that a person who holds that the consensus (Ijmaa’) of the scholars is proof is a disbeliever. [Diroosatun ‘an-il-Firooq wa Taareekh-ul-Muslimeen (pg. 143)]”

We continue from here In shaa Allaah!

SubhaanokaLlaahummo wabihamdik ashhadu an laa ilaaha illa ant, astagfiruka wa atoobu ilayk

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey