Perfections be to Allaah alone. We beseech His peace and blessings upon the noblest of mankind.

In my writeup titled, “THE JABTAWIYYOON ARE LOSING BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT LOSERS; MAY ALLAAH GUIDE THEM OR CONTINUE TO BREAK THEIR BACKS!”, I mentioned that one of the issues that recently generated a great dispute amongst these losers is a difference of opinion as to whether or not the boy killed by al-Khadr (as mentioned in Soorah al-Khaf) is a disbeliever.

While acknowledging that his view is undoubtedly correct—amongst his gullible dummies—and that views other than his own must be wrong on the issue (based on his own feeble ratiocination), Muhammad bn ‘Aliyy Jabata issued a certificate of Jahannam to those who disagree with him on the issue. Undoubtedly the Khowaarij are hasty in applying rulings as mentioned in Al-Khowaarij Awwalul Firooq fee Taareekhil Islaam (pg. 146).

His statement: Muhammad bn ‘Aliyy Jabata al-Khoorijee (the CEO of the habitual liars) said, “We don’t handle the issues of ‘aqeedah with jocularity. I hope you understand. I don’t handle the issues of ‘aqeeqoh with jocularity, and there is no friend to me regarding the issue of ‘aqeedah. It’s not me! Al-wala wal baro (Loyalty and Disownment for the sake of Allaah)! That’s what I know about. For this reason anyone who holds that stand, by Allaah, (if) he holds that he (the boy killed by Khadr) is young and was killed as a disbeliever, after explaining to you (and you still hold on to your view), you’re an innovator. There is nothing you can say. I am affirming that you’re an innovator! That’s your problem.”

[His audio clip titled, “Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Aliyy Jabata meets Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree and Shaykh AbdulHameed al-Hajooree after Itikaf of Ramadan 1438/2017; Time: 68 minutes 17 seconds to 68 minutes 47 seconds]

As such, the self opinionated man will not only lose more customers but also it will serve as a way by which those who break away will reveal that which they used to obfuscate. I keep on remembering the statement, “…but I believe that they’ll end up harming themselves…In shaa Allaah”. [Aboo Khadeejah (SPUBS)]

We ask Allaah to grant us beneficial knowledge and steadfastness upon the truth. Allaahul musta’aan!

May prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, his respected households and companions, and the generality of Muslims who follow them upon goodness till the end of time.

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey