All perfect praise is for Allaah alone. We beseech His peace and blessings upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

To proceed, it is very clear in the hadeeth of ‘Aliyy Ibn Abee Toolib (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) which was reported by Imaam al-Bukhooreey in his Saheeh (Hadeeth 5057) that from the traits of the Khowaarij is that “they’re young in age and they have foolish intellects”. One Sulaimon Abdulateef, a young, overzealous, gullible and intellectually impotent boy, known for insulting, disparaging, and besmirching the people of knowledge and virtue recently lied against Dr Sharof. He claimed that this noble Shaykh (may Allaah lengthen his life and preserve him upon goodness) ordered that his colleagues be arrested because they prayed wearing their shoes, and (because) they prayed before the sun passes the meridian on the Day of Jumu’ah. His exact words, “Meanwhile, here in naija,  a dokita that learned at that same Saudi sent SSS and vigilante to arrested the brothers that prayed with their shoes and prayed jumuah qobla zawaal somewhere at ogbomosho.”

In response to this assertion, firstly, it is apparent from this sentence that he didn’t witness the scenario. This is because he said, “somewhere at ogbomoso”. Now, let’s assume that he was informed by his fellow dummies. So I challenge him to ask Allaah to destroy all his deeds if the Doctor he is attacking ordered that his troops be arrested because they prayed Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian, and because they prayed with their shoes on. I put it to you that you’re an ineffectual and pathetic liar! If otherwise, prove your bogus claim!

Secondly, this Doctor has for long been explaining the permisibility of praying in shoes. This is very clear in many of his speeches and in his lessons. He is only used to emphasizing that the shoes must be free from impurities, and he has always advised that this Sunnah be applied with humility so as not to cause any problem amongst those who may be ignorant of it. What do these young boys want to gain from telling lies?

Thirdly, while I was studying at LAUTECH ogbomoso, I saw a brother from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences who is also a student of this Doctor, praying in his shoes at the Doctor’s masjid at Olukoko. I have witnessed this brother praying with this same shoe at UNDERG Jumu’ah masjid Ogbomoso. So why these blatant lies?

Furthermore, as for praying Jumu’ah before the sun passes the meridian, this is an issue of a difference of opinion amongst the scholars, even when the most correct opinion is that it is wrong. This Doctor (may Allaah lengthen his life and continue to strengthen him upon conveying the message of Islaam) expounded this issue at length in many of his fiqh classes, and his discusses with the people. He mentioned almost all the ahadeeth mentioned by both parties and proved the opinion which is more likely to be correct with his knowledge. I can clearly remember that he told us that there are two reports from Imaam Ahmad regarding this; that is, both opinions were reported from him, but the people of his madhaab favoured the opinion of praying it before the sun passes the meridian. All in all, since it is an issue of a difference of opinion, we believe that this faqeeh will never attack a person who holds a contrary opinion. He will only prove that the opinion is not correct, this is very simple. And we are certain that he may refute those who apply it wrongly, because it is possible that an overzealous person organizes Solaatul Jumu’ah shortly after Solaatul Fajr claiming that this is also correct. Of course, he will refute this big time because he is Mr No nonsense. He will instill manners in you if you try any nonsense before him. Iro lasan! Rubbish, nonsense, foolish! (please move on if you don’t know why I mentioned these words).

Finally, this ‘elenu razor’ said this Doctor is useless. This statement only confirms his ignorance, arrogance, foolishness, and brainlessness so to speak.

We ask Allaah to preserve all the scholars of Sunnah who are alive upon goodness, and to have mercy upon those who have died amongst them, and to grant us beneficial knowledge.

We also beseech Allaah to make these boys who have been imprisoned by the philosophy of Muhammad bn ‘Aliyy Jabata (al-Khoorijee) to know the truth about this man before death grips them.

SubhaanokaLlaahummo wabihamdik ashhadu an laa ilaaha illa anta astagfiruka wa atoobu ilayk!

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey