As for the one who said Imaam Bukhooree does not understand Arabic, there is no certainty that he knows anything about Islaam. Who can denigrate Imaam al-Bukhooree in this Islaam? Nobody! Imaam al-Bukhooree is from the heavy mountains of knowledge. As for his statement that Bukhooree is not an Arab; are you an Arab? Bukhooree is not an Arab; agreed upon. Are you an Arab? You are not an Arab; (this is also) agreed upon! Praise be to Allaah.

Moreover, they (the ignoramuses) said Imaam Bukhooree is not an Arab and as such he does not understand Arabic. It is certain that the one who said this (nonsensical) statement does not know what he is saying. Imaam Bukhooree is so knowledgeable to the extent that the scholars said anyone who wants to know how much he (Imaam Bukhooree) understands Islaam should study the title of each of his narrations; these (titles) are deductions of injunctions that cannot be overemphasized. It is certain that he wrote all these in Yoruba.

Laughing mode activated!

Since he (Habeeb) claimed that he (Imaam Bukhooree) does not understand Arabic, therefore, he wrote these titles in Yoruba. It is only Allaah that knows the number of books that were written based on these titles. People even compete with themselves in writing books to explain these titles showcasing how knowledgeable he (Imaam Bukhooree) is.

All those notable scholars who compiled ahadeeth are not Arabs; Bukhooree is not an Arab; Muslim is not an Arab; Aboo Dawood is not an Arab; At-Tirmidhi is not an Arab; Ibn Maajah is not an Arab. Isn’t it? So, what is this obsession of being an Arab? We all understand the language, (but) it is not our native language. Isn’t it? That is it!

Also, why is it Bukhooree this time? Let us fear Allaah, this is the religion of Allaah. This is the religion of Allaah; do not mock it. Everyone should define what he knows, and you should know your level. All these vituperations will not have a good end for the one involved. By Allaah!

Bukhooree is a great scholar of hadeeth. You that you are vituperating Imaam Bukhooree, what scholar are you? Scholar of what? For who? These people are saying nonsensical statement like people who do desire to enter al-Jannah with ease.

Translated by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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