Questioner: There are people who belief that if a young child dies, he will reincarnate. Is this correct?

Dr Sharof: This (belief) is not from Islaam. Anyone who dies will never reincarnate. There is no young child or an adult who will reincarnate. Anyone who dies and is buried will never leave his grave till the Day of Qiyaamah. That is why the Prophet said, ‘I am the first person whose grave will be opened on the Day of Qiyaamah’. There is no one who would leave his grave before the Prophet. (In other to proof its impossibility, Shaykh said), if you see anyone who dies and reincarnates, apprehend him and bring him to the people.

What happens is that if a person dies it is easy for Shaytoon (devil) to copy the person’s image. So Shaytoon takes his image to a place where he may meet someone who knows him. He would speak exactly as this dead person speaks and resemble him. This is because Allaah gives the Shayateen (devils) the power to design their images anyhow they like….This is from the Kufr beliefs with the Yorubas.

Also, from the Kufr beliefs of the Yorubas is their belief in another life after this one (that is, they belief that there is another life after this one before the real afterlife). This belief is from the creed of the Hindus. Their belief is that anyone who dies will reincarnate as a fresh embodiment. According to them, a person may die and reincarnate as a lizard. This is the same with the Yorubas. That is why some of them utter statements like, ‘If I reincarnate in this world as a human….’ They got that creed from the Hindus. There is no such thing as reincarnation. Anyone who dies is dead forever. It is either the person goes to paradise or hell; no one will leave his grave except on the day of Qiyaamah.

[SOURCE: “Question and Answer session during the explanation of Ma’aarijul Qabuul at Ibadan”]

Translated by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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