Questioner: A boy excommunicated his father due to his ignorance, and his father is now dead. What should he do now that he realizes his mistake?

Dr Sharof: What is certain is that he has done a frivolous act. This is because what we do not know today we may know it tomorrow.

Sometimes, it may not (really) be the fault of such individuals, he might have been brainwashed by his clans. Since his teacher has excommunicated his own father, he and his comrades might have planned to follow suit. And as such, they move to their fathers saying, ‘Father, you have now been awarded the degree of the renegades’.

The Congregation: Laughing mode activated!

Dr Sharof: We seek refuge with Allaah! We are afraid that some people ascribing themselves to Sunnah in our societies are only trying to mar the reputation of Sunnah. This shenanigan is not from the Sunnah. We need to seek knowledge! We need to seek knowledge!!

As for the boy who excommunicated his father who is now dead, he should continue to seek forgiveness for himself and continue to supplicate a lot on behalf of his father. He should pray the mercies of Allaah upon his father, and ask Allaah to make his father be from the people of Al-Jannah. As he continues with this, we beseech Allaah to make it suffice him as a way by which he his forgiven regarding the mistake. Na’am.

[SOURCE: “QUESTION AND ANSWER ON THE HARM OF TAKFEER”; TIME: “52 minutes 02 seconds to 53 minutes 21 seconds”]

Translated by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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