Questioner: I went to a King to pay him a visit and he ordered me to prostrate to him…

Dr Sharof: Why did you go there? If it was the King that asked you to pay him a visit, you should have told him you would come, but on the condition that you won’t kneel or prostrate to greet him (because it is not permissible). This is not to be considered as presumptuousness; (say) it is the ruling of my religion. If he challenges you saying, ‘Are you the only Muslim in this world (who understands this ruling)? (Say) I am not the only one, but that is the ruling of Islaam. That is it.

[SOURCE: Question and Answer Session during the explanation of Ma’aarijul Qabuul (at Ibadan); TIME: 21 minutes 39 seconds to 21 minutes 55 seconds]

Translated by Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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