For the Muslim, self-esteem is very crucial a springboard for great achievements. We kill it in our children of school age when we deny them the liberty to speak their native languages, like Yoruba (even at home), thereby brainwashing them into the same self-rejection and complex of inferiority that many parents suffer from and which permeates the entire life of the individual later in adulthood. It kills originality and subtly questions Allah’s wisdom.

Allah states clearly that He made us into races and tribes for a purpose and not in error [Qur,aan 49: 13]. That is why He sends only messengers who speak the indigenous languages of people to them.

“And We sent not a Messenger except with the language of his people, in order that he might make (the Message) clear for them.”[ Qur,aan 14: 04].

It is strange that this great message is lost on even Muslim parents who ought to have the most liberated minds; yet it is well appreciated by UNESCO, which commits tremendous effort and billions of dollars annually to the preservation of endangered indigenous languages in the world.

No form of slavery is worse than self-rejection; it is double tragedy when it does not even make your child speak the slave master’s English better. Worst of all, you remain as worthless as shit in Oyinbo land; so the next time you want to tell someone you don’t speak Yoruba, though you were born and bred in Nigeria, do so with a sense of shame rather than pride.

Ustaadh Murtadho Adedokun


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