This question and answer was recorded in the year (1429)
Questioner (Akhee Shu’ayb, a Nigerian who is a student of Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree): Is bid’ah divided into mukaffiroh and mufassiqoh? What is the ‘aqeedah of those who believe that all innovations have the same ruling of major kufr? What is the understanding of the hadeeth, “every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance leads to hell”? Can this hadeeth be used as evidence to conclude that anyone guilty of small innovations will abide eternally in hell? Is Shaykh Muqbil upon this statement (i.e. anyone guilty of small innovations will abide in hell eternally)?

Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree started by refuting the concept of bid’ah hasanah because he taught that was the question. He was then notified that the question is about whether it (bid’ah) is divided into mukaffiroh and mufassiqoh. Shaykh answered, “Yes, it is. It is divided into mukaffiroh and mufassiqoh. There is no difference of opinion amongst the ahlus sunnoh that the bid’ah of the baatiniyyah, ismaa’eeliyyah is mukaffiroh. Also many of the scholars made takfeer of the jahmiyyah and regarded their bid’ah as mukaffiroh because they deliberately contradicted certain things in the Qur’aan which has to do with having ‘eeman with it (the Qur’aan). The bid’ah of the roofidoh is also mukaffiroh (like cursing and making takfeer of the companions and defaming the mothers of the believers) due to the evidences in the Qur’aan and the sunnah that praised and mentioned the virtues of the companions and the mothers of the believers. This is because what the shee’ah did was to rebel against Islaam and the Muslims. Also, from bid’ah mukaffiroh is bid’atul hulool (that is, the belief that everything that exists is Allaah). Another one which makes its doer a kaafir is the bid’ah of saying that Allaah doesn’t have knowledge of know whatever will happen until it happens, the bid’ah of the first qodariyyah, which made Ibn ‘Umar to make takfeer upon them as it is seen in the hadeeth of ‘Abdillaah Ibn ‘Umar in soheeh Muslim, “…if any one of them had with him gold equal to the bulk of (the mountain) Uhud and spent it (in the way of Allaah), Allaah would not accept it unless he affirmed his faith in qodar…” Abdillaah bn ‘Umar freed himself from them and said whatever they spend in the way of Allaah will never be accepted. This statement can only be said about the one who doesn’t fear Allaah (at all, kaafir). Allaah says, “Verily,Allaah accepts only from those who are the pious (Soorah al-Moo’idah verse 27).

Shaykh was (gently and mannerly) interrupted again with the statement, “this person says all bid’ah are mukaffiroh and there is no muffasiqoh amongst them with the evidence, ‘every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance leads to hell’”. Shaykh asked, “Do you mean he claims that all innovations are mukaffiroh or that all are mufassiqoh, which one?”

Questioner: (He said) all are mukaffiroh.

Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree: This statement is a great error; ask him to change it because there are innovations that do not take its doer out of the pale of Islaam. For example, there is no ahlus sunnoh who believes that the bid’ah of the mur’jiah is mukaffiroh let alone calling them kuffar, despite their clear bid’ah. We do not know of anyone from the people of sunnoh who labeled them as kuffar. There are many innovations that do not take one out of the pale of Islaam. Shaykhul Islaam categorically mentioned that he doesn’t know of anyone (from the ahlus sunnah) who called the Zaydiyyah kuffar; (this is) because they do get to the level of the extremism of the kuffar. There is no doubt that there are bid’ah mukaffiroh and bid’ah mufassiqoh. This is what the ahlus sunnah are upon. In shaa Allaah, (we hope) this brother changes this (error based) statement. What I mean by this is that; he should tread the path which the ahlus sunnoh are upon. He should believe that there is bid’ah mukaffiroh and bid’ah mufassiqoh; he should (also) believe that there are those who become kuffar with their innovation while there are those who do not become kuffar with their innovation. This is the way of the salaf. Allaah says, “…and mercy and monasticism which they innovated; We did not prescribe for them…(Soorah al-Hadeed verse 27)” The nosooroh were involved in this innovation in addition to their kufr. Na’am.

Questioner: Can the hadeeth, “every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance leads to hell” be used as evidence that everyone who is guilty of a small innovation will dwell eternally in hell?

Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree: (…..TO BE CONTINUED, IN SHAA ALLAAH)

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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