Questioner: If a man is called Aboo ‘Aa’ishah but the child he named ‘Aaishah dies…
Dr Sharof: Cuts in…there is no problem. He will still be called Aboo ‘Aa’ishah forever. 

Questioner: Can we name…

Dr Sharof: Cuts in…its okay. A man has a child named ‘Aa’ishah, and as such, he is called Aboo ‘Aa’ishah by the people. If the ‘Aa’ishah dies, can it be changed? No, he will be called Aboo ‘Aa’ishah forever. This is because even when the ‘Aa’ishah is dead, we are the one not seeing her again because she is dead; before Allaah she is not lost. I hope you understand. She will continue to remain as his child till the day of qiyaamah. If what you wanted to ask is that a person has a female as the first child and named the child Khodeejah (for example), and he is called Aboo Khodeejah, Aboo Khodeejah, Aboo Khodeejah (by the people); and thereafter Allaah gives him a male child named Yaasir, can he change his Kunyah from being called Aboo Khodeejah to Aboo Yaasir? What is your opinion?

The congregation: Mixed reactions

Dr Sharof: Change his Kunyah, for what reason? Is Khodeejah not a child? We would say to the one who changes his Kunyah like this that he has with him, the behavior of the people of Jaahiliyyah. You know they love male children than the female children. There are some Arabs with that ideology till now. If a person from them has a female child and he is called the father of ‘so and so’, he will only allow his friends to call him that name. However, if Allaah gives him a male child, he will change his Kunya to the name which refers to his male child. What is wrong with the former one? This is not permissible. (It is not wrong to be called by the former name referring to a female’s name), that is why you would see some companions who are called by Kunya referring to the names of their female children. Give me two examples.

A brother from the congregation: Aboo Ruqoyyah.

Dr Sharof: Who is Aboo Ruqoyyah?
The brother: Tameem.

Dr Sharof: Who else? (The congregation was murmuring) You can imagine. We only asked of two faa…

A brother from the congregation: Aboo Hafsat

Dr Sharof: He is Aboo Hafs, not Aboo Hafsotu. Please think and mention more examples. (After few seconds Shaykh said) Laa ilaaha ilaaLlaah!

A brother from the congregation: Aboo Umaamah

Dr Sharof: Are you sure Umaamah is a female’s name?

The congregation: Laughing mode activated! (They knew Shaykh was only being jovial).

Dr Sharof: Yes, it is a female’s name. The companion is Aboo Umaamah al-Baahiliyy. There is a grandchild of the Prophet named Umaamah.

A brother from the congregation mentioned a name while Shaykh was talking

Dr Sharof: What name did you just mention?

The brother: …Unclear words…

Dr Sharof: It has been earlier mentioned. You didn’t hear perhaps because you’re sitting outside.

The congregation: Laughing mode activated!

A brother from the congregation: Aboo Ruqoyyah

Dr Sharof: It has been earlier mentioned. What is the name first mentioned here? Aboo Ruqoyyah, Tameem, has been mentioned.

A brother from the congregation: Aboo ‘Ubaydah

Dr Sharof: Does a female bear ‘Ubaydah according to you? Ubaydah is not the name of a female. It is the name of a male in the language of the Arabs. Na’am. SubhaanokaLlaahummo wabihamdik ashhadu anlaailaaha ilaaant astagfiruka wa atoobu ilayk

[SOURCE: The tape titled, “(ZaadulMa’aad)Faslun –Fil-Aqeeqah”; Date: 21-08-2014; Time of question and answer in the tape: 1:08:39 to 1:12:07]
Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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