QUESTION: If a brother and a sister who wish to marry each other go for premarital blood test examination, and it appears to them according to the result obtained that they can’t get married because if they get married, they would give birth to some abnormal children, what should they do? 

ANSWER: All perfect praise is for Allaah. According to the Sharee’ah, there is no law which makes it obligatory upon you to go for blood screening to check whether or not your blood would be compatible, but the Sharee’ah does not frown at the necessity of checking if either of you has HIV/AIDS. Once it is certain that none of you has this, (you may proceed to) marry each other.

But as for going to check whether your blood (genotype) is SS, AS, or whatever, as you are used to checking it (today), we do not know of any law in the Sharee’ah which states that you should check it, especially in our own communities where the wives are most times far away from where the husband is, and the husband is far away from where the wife is. Why do you wish to check it? You only wish to check something whose (necessity) does not exist (in the Sharee’ah) and after checking it and you discover that it is not compatible, therefore you will have to bear the consequence that you wouldn’t marry each other.

You ain’t forced by anyone (in the first place) and since you have batten down the hatches only for evil to appear to you, you will be the one to bite the bullet. This means once you go to check it and it appears that your blood isn’t compatible; (meaning) if you get married you’ll (probably) give birth to some abnormal children, then that is the end. Look for another wife somewhere else and she should also look for another husband somewhere else. Na’am.


Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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