Ruling On Abortion, Shaykh (Dr) Sharof


Questioner: What is the ruling of abortion?

Dr Sharof: Islaam does not permit abortion, because pregnancy is a creation which Allaah wants to bring to life. What should be the reason for you to kill that creation? What can make abortion permissible in Islaam is when we have a woman, for example, who became pregnant for his husband, and the pregnancy is critically deteriorating her health to the extent that Medical doctors, Muslims who are reliable, say that if the pregnancy is not aborted, she may die. Since we have known (from the Sharee’ah) that whatever is certain would not be neglected for that which is not certain; the wife is certain, but the child is not certain. Therefore, we would protect the one which is certain even if it will cancel the uncertainty. That is it.

This does not apply to the one whose pregnancy is as a result of an illicit sexual intercourse. We do not have the audacity to ask her to abort it for the reason that it resulted from illicit sexual intercourse. There is no place where Islaam accepts that one cleanses feces with urine. This is because the illicit sexual intercourse is a crime, and the child you will kill now is also a crime. That is it.

Apart from that, as for those who say they have a lot of children on ground, and as such the pregnancy is a mistake, it is not permissible for them to abort it. That is it. You are not the one to dictate the number of children you want to Allaah, it is Allaah that will give you the number of children he wishes. That is it.

‘Having many children is tantamount to excessive poverty’ is a slogan with which the Yorubas deceive themselves. There are many people who do not have wives and yet they are poorer than the rats of the Churches. And we have known that no matter how many our children are; everyone of them comes with his own sustenance. The sustenance of the child does not affect that of the father neither does that of the father disturb the child. There are many of us who have acquired wealth which our fathers did not acquire despite the fact that they (our fathers) lived for long. If our fathers had killed us applying the slang ‘having many children is tantamount to excessive poverty’, how would we have become wealthy? Allaah says He would assist us; it isn’t that He keeps our affairs in the hands of other people. And there is no fear whenever Allaah asks us to move forward. For what reason do you want to kill your children? You do not have the power to kill a child who has been destined to come to life. The more you take drugs that will kill the child, the healthier the child will become. For this reason, Islaam does not permit abortion.

And as for those who perform this abortion for people, they are criminals. Those hospitals that abort pregnancies are indulging in a criminal act. Don’t they think about what would happen on the day of qiyaamah? Allaah says, “Do they not think that they will be resurrected (for reckoning); On a Great Day; The Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds.” [Soorah al-Mutoffifeen (83):4-6] We are afraid about that which will happen on that day. For this reason, don’t kill your child.


Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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