Watch your deen (that is, do not take your deen) from those who speak in the name of the deen but are ignorant of it. This is very important. Who is the person we should listen to? It must be someone who has a deep-rooted knowledge about this deen. It is not to be considered that he went to the Arabian land to study. It is not all those who have gone to the Arabian lands (to study) that understand Islaam. There are many people who went there only to strive by all means to get the certificate. That’s all! They (themselves) know that they know nothing! Many of them came back to Nigeria to learn Islaam. That is that about that.

And as for those who went to the Arabian land to study, we should be able to ask them, ‘where did you learn from?’, and ‘where are your certificates?’ It is upon you to ask them. Someone may exile himself from the people to another place for about three years and (all of a sudden) say he is back. Where did he go? It may be that he didn’t even reach Ikeja. And he says he is back. From where? Perhaps he went to hide himself at Kano. And you refer to him as a scholar. How will this (ignoramus) be a scholar? This is our religion, let’s be watchful of who we take our deen from.

[Dr Sharof Gbadebo Rooji, hafidhohuLlaah]


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