Shaykh Duktuur ‘Abdullaah al-Bukhooree is a professor of hadeeth at the Islaamic University of Modinoh. This is an interpretation of a question and answer section with him (hafidhohuLlaah) during his advise to the students in the final session at the University.
The one reading the questions (a student of Shaykh Rabee, Shaykh ‘Ubayd and still in the university) read: A person asked a question saying, “In Nigeria there is a caller who says there is no difference between bid’ah mukaffiroh and bid’ah mufassiqoh. What is the advise you’ll give us regarding this? JazaakumuLloohu khoyr” 

Shaykh ‘Abdillaah al-Bukhooree: (He started with the introductory statements). The statement affirming that there is no difference between innovations is an error. What I am saying is that if one says there is no bid’ah which can make one become a kaafir or that all bid’ah makes one become a kaafir (ya’ani, classifies bid’ah under one saying all are mukaffiroh, or all are mufassiqoh); this is a (great) error. This statement contradicts the evidences of the Qur’aan and sunnoh, and the way of the Salaf from the first Salafs (sohaabee) till now. This statement is an innovation.

There are so many dolaal that will emanate from this. When the scholars where discussing the (case of the) sects, they explained that some of them were upon bid’ah mukaffiroh, like the Jahmiyyah, and there are those that were upon bid’ah mufassiqoh which does not take one out of the pale of Islaam, for example, the ashaa’iroh and the murji’ah. Altogether, the scholars of sunnoh (based upon evidences) relates with these sects differently when discussing them on the basis that they see some of them as being into kufr and others not into kufr. That is the yardstick with which they related with the sects. For one to (now) say there is no difference between bid’ah, it is baatil. The problem that will happen to this person (Muhammad Jaahil Jabata and his students) is that he is likely to add new things (heresies) to the religion. He will give verdicts upon his designed way which if we will deal with him with his monhaj, we will make tabdee’ and takfeer of him. There won’t be any difference with him as to calling someone a faasiq and a kaafir regarding this issue of bid’ah. How many people like him have introduced many heresies into the religion (of Allaah) and they do this based upon their ignorance of the Qur’aan, sunnoh and the way of the Salaf!

Let me give you an example from the Salaf (regarding this issue). Does this person (Muhammad Jaahil Jabata) want to compare (the innovation of) Jahm bn Sofwaan, [the one whom the ‘aqeedah of Jahmiyyah was attributed to, he isn’t the one who fabricated the heresy, but Ja’d bn Dirham], and the (innovation of) the one who says ‘Aliyy has more virtues than ‘Uthmaan? This is the light ‘aqeedah of the shi’a (called minor shi’sm). Some of the scholars were afflicted with this, the likes of ‘Abdur-rozzaaq bn san’aani (and others). They believed that ‘Aliyy has more virtue than ‘Uthmaan. Does he (Muhammad Jaahil Jabata) want to compare Jahm bn Sofwaan with ‘Abdurrozzaaq san’aani Ibn Amman? The take of Imaam Ahmod and the students of ‘Abdurrozzaaq contradicts this ideology (of Muhammad Jaahil Jabata because they never considered the innovations under the same ruling). For this reason, this statement does not have any deleel in the Qur’aan, the sunnoh, and from the way of the Salaf.

We ask Allaah to grant us a better understanding of this religion.

Aboo ‘Aa’ishah Al-Odeomeey


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