(1) “What is the evidence for reciting Khutbatul Haajah (the sermon for necessities) before the marriage contract?”

Shaykh Najmuddeen: It is mustahabb (recommended). It is to be done in every sermon we give; when giving speeches, and when we want to address the people. The sermon for necessities is something that the Messenger of Allaah (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) used to do. (All) praise is (due) to Allaah; Shaykunaa Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahmotuLlaahi ‘alaynaa wa’alayhi) used to establish it a lot. He is from the scholars who strongly established it; and Aboo ‘AbdirRahmoon Shaykunaa Imaam al-Muhaddeeth, Shaykh Muhammad Noosirudeen Al-Albaanee, wrote a book on it and gave a detailed explanation. He also started most of his books and his discourses with it. It is something that we should hold firmly at all times, because if we do not establish it, we will establish other than it.

(2) Questioner: “What is the evidence that goes against building a hotel wherein prostitutes and drunkards are not allowed to come in?

Shaykh Najmuddeen: If the word ‘hotel’ is mentioned, what comes immediately in the heart of the people is that it is the place where the prostitutes patronize. What about the one in the front of Ka’bah? (Shaykh laughed heavily); the place where a traveler can stay if he has nowhere to sleep is what they refer to as hotel. It can be built in such a way that there will be mosques in the surrounding or something which will make the travelers feel home outside home to establish acts of worships. Something of such is built at Abuja, and in the lands of the Arabs. One may not remember his home because there will be enough time and facilities for acts of worship. It will be easy to wake up in the nights for acts of worship. Recitation of the Qur’aan, learning knowledge, (and) people giving sermons and admonitions, are acts that are well organized in such establishments in such a way that one does not engage in illicit affairs. Something like this is okay; In shaa Allaah.

(3) Questioner: “If the husband is praying and a verse becomes difficult for him to recite, can his wife correct him?”

Shaykh Najmuddeen: Yes, she can correct him.

(4) Questioner: “What (is the evidence that) contradicts courtship which is established with a good intention in Islaam?”
Shaykh Najmuddeen: (Shaykh and the listeners laughed)! A good intention is not to be used to establish an evil. The intention must be good and coupled with a permissible act. (Consider this), for example, a brother says he has a good intention and wishes to marry a sister. They were on courtship for about four or five years and later left each other. On what account should that be written? So that is from the problems.

(5) Questioner: Someone asks, “If I am just pregnant and the pregnancy is not up to a month, can my husband have sexual intercourse with me?”

Shaykh Najmuddeen: (Yes), till she gives birth, and even when she is suffering the pangs of childbirth (if it easy for her). It is not haroom at any time within these periods.

[SOURCE: THE TAPE TITLED, “H.AL-AQIIDAH 18B 1430”; TIME OF THE TRANSCRIBED QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES IN THE CLIP, “00:08-01:09, 05:35-06:40, 06:41-06:47, 06:49-07:30, and 12:58-13:20 respectively]

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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