Questioner (A Nigerian brother): In our country here in Nigeria, we have some problem. There is one brother here; we call him our Ustadh before. He says that there is no difference between bid’ah mukaffiroh and (bid’ah) ghoyr mukaffiroh. He says both are the same (and have the same ruling of kufr) because of the statement of the Messenger of Allaah which says, “Every innovation is misguidance”. What is the salafi ruling in this issue?
Aboo Khodeejah: This man doesn’t know what he is talking about. …If he says every innovation is misguidance, then, he is right, every innovation is misguidance whether it is big bid’ah or little bid’ah. But there is some bid’ah which takes the person outside of Islaam. The bid’ah of the ismaa’eeliyyah; Is it bid’ah inside of Islaam or bid’ah that takes (one) outside of Islaam? It takes you outside of Islaam so this is bid’ah mukaffiroh. Right? Then there is a bid’ah that keep you inside of Islaam like that of the Ikhwaanul muslimeen. This bid’ah is not the bid’ah that takes them outside of Islaam, they are inside of Islaam. Therefore bid’ah is of two types. This is the position of Ibn Abil ‘Izz al-Hanofi (rohimohuLlaah) in his explanation of the ‘aqeedah of Imaam al-Tahawi. He mentioned that bid’ah is of two types, also from the speech of Abdullaah Ibn Mubaaraq, and also from Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hambal, that bid’ah is of two types. There is one bid’ah where you’re still a Muslim; there is another bid’ah where you’re outside of Islaam. So this brother, I think he doesn’t understand this issue. He doesn’t understand the true understanding of what is bid’ah and what is not bid’ah. If he says every bid’ah is misguidance, but there are some bid’ah which are really bad; like the bid’ah of the one who goes to the grave and he makes sajda at the grave, this bid’ah is mukaffiroh because you believe you can worship other than Allaah; then there are those people of bid’ah that are still inside of Islaam, like the bid’ah of the jama’atu tableegh, like the bid’ah of the ikhwaanul muslimeen, but this is the difference between the two and maybe the brother isn’t much aware of this issue.

Questioner: JazaakumuLloohu khoyran. On this issue, if I tell them or I play it because I’m recording what I discussing with you, if I play it to them they will say they want a direct (evidence) from the Messenger of Allaah (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) where he said bid’ah is divided. They accuse anyone who takes this position as someone who is worshipping the ulamaa that it is not the ‘ulamaa that were sent to us. It is the Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alahyi wa sallam).
Aboo Khodeejah: Cuts in, but not clear…

Questioner: If I tell them that the scholars divided bid’ah into mukaffiroh (and mufassiqoh), they’ll say it is the Messenger of Allaah that was sent to us that the scholars made an error (regarding the division).

Aboo Khodeejah: So all of the scholars for 1400 years are wrong and they (Jabata and his followers) are right! Imaam Ahmad is wrong! And the ijmaa’ of the salaf is wrong! Ibn Taymiyyah is wrong! Ibn Qoyyim is wrong! AbdulGhoniy al-Maqdisi is wrong! Imaam al-Barbahaaree is wrong! Imaam Barbahaaree said in Sharh sunnah, Beware of the small bid’ah because shaytoon will make it bigger and bigger until you make kufr. What did he say? There is a bid’ah that begins small…and then you continue from this bid’ah, the bid’ah will become big and then you’ll come into kufr. This is Imaam al-Barbahaareey. Over 1100 years ago, al-Imaam al-Barbahaareey spoke (this) because his sharh sunnah is a book of ‘Ijmaa. Ijmaa of the ahlus sunnoh wal jama’ah! So tell them this In shaa Allaah that they do not understand this…they are now the ones raising themselves that they’re bigger than the scholars.

Questioner: It’s true. O Shaykh! They say that Imaam Barbahaaree did not divide bid’ah into mukaffiroh and ghoyr mukafirroh.

Aboo Khodeejah: He did divide it. The scholars of the salaf divide bid’ah into two parts. In some of the statements of Barbahaareey you can see that he is saying the same thing. Beware of the small bid’ah because it will become big and it will become big, and you will take it and you make kufr. What is this if it is not bid’ah that becomes bigger and bigger until you make kufr? How do you make kufr with bid’ah? You take the bid’ah and then you do something that takes you outside of Islaam such as for example the bid’ah of saying that the Qur’aan was created, the person who believes that the Qur’aan is created is a kaafir, right? The one who withhold from saying it is a Jahmee, he doesn’t want to say it is created or it is not created, he is a Jahmee, he is a mubtadih, however the one who says the Qur’aan is created is a kaafir. So how many bid’aat? Two bid’aat! The one who withholds…with regard to the Qur’aan, he said that they are Jahmeeyyah, that they are Muslims. Then you’ve the bid’ah of the one ways the Qur’aan is created. Which bid’ah is this? Bid’ah of kufr. Because that is why he is a kaafir. (Because his) bidah is worth it he says that the Qur’aan is created. What is the difference between the ashaa’iroh who says Allaah speaks but Allaah speaks with kalaam nofsi? That Allaah doesn’t speak with a voice that is heard but Allaah speaks and the speech of Allaah is something that is within Allaah by the self of Allaah. This is the bid’ah of the ash’aairoh but they’re not kuffar. Then you’ve the Jahmeeyyah who say Allaah does not speak and the kalaam of Allaah is created, the Qur’aan is created. They are kuffar. The one who says this, after iqoomotul hujjah he is a kaafir because he is saying that the Qur’aan is created. Can they now see the difference between the two? If they can’t see the difference between the two then they don’t have any knowledge to speak about this affair because the scholars of the ummah they divide bid’ah into two types bid’ah mukaffiroh and ghoyr mukaffiroh. Bid’ah mukaffiroh and Bid’ah mufassiqoh, bid’ah that takes you outside of Islaam, and bid’ah that still keeps you in Islaam. I don’t believe that they’ve understood this issue very well and that’s why they keep making this mistake.

Questioner: They say that Al-Halabi is a kaafir because the scholars have called him a mubtadih, Aboo ‘Usaamah kaafir, I said no don’t say it. They just called them mubtadih.

Aboo Khadeejah: ‘A’udhubiLlaah! ‘A’udhubiLlaah! Alright, tell them this. When ‘Aliyy (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) fought against the khowaarij. ‘Aliyy (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) never said about the khowaarij that they’re kuffar. He said they’re our brothers, but they’ve made mistakes. This is why ‘Aliyy (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) said with regard to the khowaaroj, they’re our brothers, they’ve bid’ah with them, but they’re still Muslims. Then those people who worshipped ‘Aliyy, the shee’ah, in the time of ‘Aliyy, hadeeth in Soheeh al-Bukhooree, what did ‘Aliyy say about them? ‘Aliyy burnt them and killed them. ‘Abdillaah Ibn Abaass said, as for me, if I was there I would not have burnt them, but I would have killed them because the Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, “A muslim is not killed except in one of three cases…”. Then he mention the case of the one who becomes renegade from the religion, he leaves the religion. So when ‘Aliyy killed those shee’ah, he killed them because they were kuffar. Their bid’ah was mukaffiroh. They believe that you come close to Allaah by worshipping ‘Aliyy. They believe in ‘Aliyy that Allaah have come inside of ‘Aliyy. This is the belief of the shee’ah that ‘Aliyy killed. The khowaarij ‘Aliyy (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) killed them and fought against them, but he did not make (that is, call) them kuffar. Why? Because their bid’ah did not take them outside of Islaam. That is the problem of these brothers you’re talking about. They don’t understand the details with regards to the salafi monhaj. Unfortunately, this is why they make this mistake. That is why the very same people that you’re talking about, they don’t believe in the three categories of tawheed.

Questioner: They believe in the three categories of tawheed. What they do say is that anybody that falls into bid’ah mukaffiroh or ghoyr mukaffiroh is a kaafir? Even the khowaarij to them…
Aboo Khadeejah: Cuts in, people who makes these (all) bid’ah are kuffar?

Questioner: Na’am, after iqoomotul hujjah. I do tell them that we are not students of knowledge. Even we brothers here, if we fall into something they regard as bid’ah, they’ll call the person a mubtadih after iqoomotul hujjah. If they call someone a mubtadih, they mean he is a kaafir.

Aboo Khadeejah: They’ve made mistakes. No, no, they don’t know what they’re talking about. This is going to make them go astray. If they don’t deal with the issue properly, they’ll go astray because they’re making accusations against ahlus sunnoh. Ahlus sunnoh do not declare Muslims to be kuffar because of a bid’ah that is less than shirk. Alright? This is clear! The sufi (for example) who worships the grave and worship the dead in the grave, its kufr which takes him outside of Islaam because he is actually making istihaanoh from the dead one, but the Muslim who uses the dhikr bead he is not a kaafir because with this action he has not make shirk with Allaah or kufr with Allaah, he has (only) done something haroom and something which is forbidden in the religion.

Questioner: Na’am, I do show them many articles I download from salafi publications…about the statements of the ‘ulamaa on bid’ah, but they would ask me to bring them a direct hadeeth.

Aboo Khadeejah: Tell them to bring the hadeeth where the Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) made tawheed into three parts, tawheed ruboobiyyah, tawheed al huloohiyyah, and tawheed asmaa wa ssifaat. Tell them to bring the hadeeth where we have these three categories of tawheed. Tell them to bring the hadeeth where the Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) discussed the qowaa’id and the usool ul-fiqh…this is mutlaq, this is muqoyyad, which hadeeth mentioned this? All of the usool ul-fiqh! …Tell them to bring the hadeeth where the Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that there are five conditions for a hadeeth to be authentic…tell them to bring the hadeeth where the Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said these. But these principles were used by all of the muhadditheen; bukhooree, muslim, aboo dawood, tirmidhi and the (other) great scholars of the sunnoh…tell them to bring the hadeeth where the Prophet explained the five conditions required for a hadeeth to be soheeh. As I said, advise them to fear Allaah (subhaanohu wa ta’ala), they’re our brothers but they are very very strayed with this…but I believe that they’ll end up harming themselves…In shaa Allaah…

Questioner: JazaakumuLlaahu khoyran

Aboo Khadeejah: Alright brother I have to go now, In shaa Allaah…

Aboo ‘Aa’ishah Al Odeomeey


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