All perfect praise is for Allaah alone. We beseech His peace and blessings upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

Much has been said (by the people of knowledge) about the evils of deviant ideologies. Those who get deceived by these deviant ideologies are always ready to leave no stone unturned when defending their misguidance, so much so that some of them are ready to die upon it. We ask Allaah to save us from all forms of extremism and deviation. 

Some people thought Yuusuf (Rosheed Mustopha’s student) would have learnt his lessons and as such would become a bit gentle after serving the jail term, but unfortunately, it (the jailing) was just a ‘good’ opportunity for his shenanigan to increase. I have been thinking strongly about these Jabata boys nowadays. It is high time our scholars started using the best strategy with which to flush them out, else, I’m afraid that ‘Boko Haroom part 2’ may take place in southwest. We’ve to learn from our past mistakes. May Allaah ease our tasks!

After listening to a part of his first lecture (after he was released from Ilesha prison) titled “Who’s a Muslim”, I discovered that there is fire on the mountain. The boy is now hotter (in his Khowaarij ideology) than he was before. Below is a list of  some of the vituperative comments he made during that lecture.

1⃣ If you go to this Asrau’s house tomorrow, I mean today (that is, December 24th), you’ll see him preparing for Christmas. Just call someone in Iwo and ask the person to pass in front of his house as we speak, they’re preparing (for Christmas); Alaro, Isa Akindele, ‘Eleyin efon’ or is it ‘Eleyin erin’ that he calls himself; they’ll all storm the place tomorrow. What are they doing? They are celebrating. They’ll eat and do whatever (they wish to do) and (yet) they still claim they’re not celebrating Christmas. What is the ruling of this thing they’re doing? And they call themselves Muslims, how can they be Muslims with this (celebration)? This alone is enough (to make them kuffar). They’re celebrating Christmas. There is nothing the Christians do except that they do the same. [TIME: ‘8 minutes 13 seconds’ to ‘8 minutes 57 seconds’]
2⃣ Maybe you’ll go to Federal Supreme Court (this time around) or what do they call it at Abuja; there is no problem. We are ready; there is no problem. Anywhere you like you may go, you’re a kaafir; there is no doubt about it. [TIME: 9 minutes 31 seconds to 9 minutes 42 seconds]

3⃣ By Allaah, Asrau…he is the head of towagheet; he is the head of the shayateen. I am not surprised, he is not the only one behind all these happenings; he is just the one that Shaytoon used as his kholeefah in this Yoruba land, he is not the only one, Isa Akindele is also among them. [TIME: 13 minutes 13 seconds to 13 minutes 46 seconds]

4⃣ Faadil, (As for) Dr Faadil Abiola that Asrau mentioned that he was declared as a kaafir; (yes) he is a kaafir. After I left Asrau, I went to study under Faadil when I heard that there is a modrasah in Iwo here where they don’t bow (when greeting); (I exclaimed) in this Iwo, we shall go there. When we got there, we confirmed it that they don’t prostrate to greet (at the modarasah). Along the line, (we asked) ‘what is the ruling of the one who bows when greeting, is he still a Muslim or he has left the religion after evidences have been presented to him?’ He (Dr Faadil) said, “He is a Muslim.” [TIME: 14 minutes 18 seconds to 14 minutes 59 seconds]

5⃣ He (Dr Asrau) said they (Muhammad Jaahil Jabata and his students) declared Faadil as a kaafir. Is Faadil not a kaafir? (This is) someone who says bowing when greeting is a sin, he does walimotul Qur’aan, there is no ‘aqeedah of al wala wal baro with him. [TIME: 16 minutes 25 seconds to 16 minutes 34 seconds]

6⃣ SubhaanoLlaah! He (Dr Asrau) was mentioning them (the Muslims declared as kuffar by Muhammad Jaahil Jabata and his students), (he also) mentioned Baba Aadamo. Baba Aadamo knows himself that he isn’t a Muslim. How is that? Baba Aadamo knows he is a soofee. [TIME: 16 minutes 53 seconds to 17 minutes 5 seconds]

7⃣ There is something wrong with that boy (Dr Asrau). He needs ruqyah. [TIME: 19 minutes 35 seconds to 19 minutes 38 seconds]

8⃣ By Allaah, I saw brethren who were seriously expecting that this (going to the prison to serve a jail term) happens to them. [TIME: 23 minutes 43 seconds to 23 minutes 49 seconds]

9⃣ There is nothing you can do, Oh Asrau! We will stand, by the will of Allaah subhaanohu wa ta’ala. Get ready for another court (case), no problem. Alfa (that is, Rosheed Mustopha) will soon be back; you’ll get a full response! Alfa will soon be back! Leave him alone! Leave him alone! [TIME: 30 minutes 36 seconds to 30 minutes 51 seconds]

🔟 …when one is not Alagunfon who said there’s a difference between the hadeeth of Saudi and Nigeria. [TIME: 33 minutes 19 seconds to 33 minutes 24 seconds]

1⃣1⃣: The Christmas festival that Asrau will celebrate tomorrow has no evidence; that is why we wouldn’t celebrate it. What is the problem (with him)? If it (Christmas) has evidence, we will also celebrate it, we a’int presumptuous…Asrau, if Christmas is good, give us evidence; we will also celebrate it. There is no problem. [TIME: 38 minutes 30 seconds to 38 minutes 48 seconds]

1⃣2⃣ Asrau will celebrate Christmas tomorrow and the Christians too will do the same. What is the difference now? Alaro too will be present there, all those Doctors too used to be present there (to celebrate) Christmas. If Alaro isn’t (present) there tomorrow, it is either he has another Christmas program in a different town. That’s all.  That is the reason that may make him miss the program. They used to place themselves (with a sitting arrangement). Isa Akindele will sit at the front. They’re very many; I don’t know them. All those Doctors in Ilorin, they’re all Christians; there is no problem about that. They are always (very) many (at the occasion). Faadil Abiola is the only Doctor who doesn’t attend it. Why? It isn’t because of his (love for) Islaam; it is because there’s a dispute between him and Asrau which is connected to the worldly affairs. [TIME: 43 minutes 51 seconds to 44 minutes 34 seconds]

1⃣3⃣ SubhaanoLlaah! He (Dr Asrau) said he knows usool al fiqh. He said he specialized in Usool al fiqh at Jaamiatul Islaamiyyah; seventeen years in Jaamiatul Islaamiyyah. SubhaanoLlaah! You just wasted the money of those men. A full chicken and ‘hefty’ bread every morning! He just wasted their money! [TIME: 49 minutes 23 seconds to 49 minutes 45 seconds]

1⃣4⃣ They’re hypocrites. (As for) the ‘dolaala’ in all other areas in the Qur’aan; there is none of them whose mother was born well that’ll translate it into two. [TIME: 51 minutes 14 seconds to 51 minutes 22 seconds]

1⃣5⃣ They don’t know anything. Asrau just claimed that he spent seventeen years in Saudi, he is a dullard. He is astray, and he leads others astray. As for the ‘kullu’ he mentioned in all the verses he brought, he understands them, but he is lying deliberately. Shaytoon deliberately designed those things for him because shaytoon is using him as the head of the shayateen in this Yoruba land. He is the head of the shayateen; there is no doubt about it. [TIME: 51 minutes 49 seconds to 52 minutes 21 seconds]

1⃣6⃣ Alaro is in trouble on the Day of Recompense if he doesn’t repent. That boy just went to Saudi to eat their rice. Abdurrozaaq Alaro or is he AbdulMojeed! Imagine the time he spent in Saudi! He was asked about (the ruling of issues related to) an ‘aqeeqoh which he attended wherein they did (so and so) that some people regard it as bid’ah. His response was ‘hehehehehe’, you won’t see me there if it is bid’ah. By Allaah, that is what he said. Is he a Prophet? [TIME: 59 minutes 43 seconds to 1hr 23 seconds]



SubhaanokaLlaahummo wa bi hamdika ashhadu an laa ilaaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilayk

Aboo Aaishah Al Odeomeey


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